From 2022 classes to be held inside at West Physio & Pilates. Classes inside are open to everybody regardless of vaccination status. Check our Facebook page or message Jo to get updates on class times.


Jo will be teaching classes up until Sunday 5th December 2021 and will return from maternity leave on Monday 17th Jan 2022.


West Physio & Pilates is run by Jo Cardinal. She is a qualified Physiotherapist and Master Pilates instructor. As a teenager and young adult Jo suffered from a wide range of ligament, muscle and joint sprains and strains all related to an inherited connective tissue disorder. Her injuries got so bad that she had trouble being able to walk short distances without being in terrible pain. She was treated by a lot of different physios and while the treatment always helped at the time - nothing seemed to get down to the root cause of all the issues related to posture and lack of core and joint stabiliser strength. During her Physiotherapy degree, Jo discovered pilates and it’s amazing healing potential! Finally she found a way to strengthen and stabilise her body without causing further injuries and damage to her body, she could finally get back into sports and start running again and it was so much fun! Pilates has helped Jo stay strong and injury free and has helped in so many ways to progress her running training. Jo is very passionate about pilates and is her happiest when she can spread the pilates love to everyone through her classes and 1-on-1 sessions.

West Physio & Pilates offers small group mat pilates classes, online pilates videos, postural assessments, tailored home exercise programs, individual private pilates lessons, private group classes and exercise rehabilitation (Clinical Pilates) sessions. Jo specialises in Pelvic floor retraining, postural pain management, pre & post natal issues, chronic low back pain, hypermobility issues and sports injuries. In her rehabilitation sessions, Jo uses Pilates exercises to assess and treat the whole person, not just the injury.

West Physio & Pilates is at a location convenient to clients living in Titirangi, Huia, Green Bay, Blockhouse Bay, Glen Eden, Glen Dene, Henderson, New Lynn, Avondale & Oratia!



The best way to learn Pilates is through a 1-on-1 introductory session or beginners classes. 


A 1-on-1 introductory session is highly recommended  before joining classes if you have:

- Any injuries (current or previous) - it is important that these can be assessed and exercise modifications can be shown prior to joining a class

- Had any recent major surgery

- Any pain (recent or longstanding)

- Any artifical joints

- Are pregnant or recently had a baby

Introductory Pilates sessions can include:

- Taking a through history

- Discussion of any injuries or health problems

- Postural assessment and re-correction (if required)

- Teaching Pilates Principles

- Testing core muscle strength

- Teaching Pilates exercises and direction to ideal class level

- Teaching exercise modifications (if required)

- A home exercise program (upon request)



Clinical Pilates sessions focus on using Pilates to identify movement patterns that are causing pain or damage to the body, muscles that are not functioning normally, joints that are not moving correctly (either hypermobile or stiff), postures that are causing pain and muscles that are too tight or too loose. Pilates focuses on a holistic approach to injury rehabilitation and incorporates functional exercises to help manage and reduce pain.

Clinical Pilates is effective in treating problems with muscles, connective tissue, bones, nerves and joints. 1-on-1 Pilates sessions are tailored to each individual needs. West Physio & Pilates specialize in treating Chronic Low Back Pain, Sciatica, Hypermobility Issues, Postural Pain, Back Pain due to weak core muscles and pregnancy related issues.

If you are interested in group classes and have a recent or longstanding injury and pain it is highly recommended to do an introductory 1-on-1 session to make sure that you are using the correct muscles and to get specific exercises to work on at home as a home exercise program. From there you can join a Beginners Pilates class to continue strengthening your body or continue with 1-on-1 sessions either regularly or fortnightly/monthly to check on your technique or to progress your home program.



Beginners Class

This class introduces the fundamental principles of the Pilates. Each client will receive special attention when needed to ensure that they learn the proper form and execution of all exercises. This class focuses on correct technique of exercises and ability to co-ordinate breathing, core engagement and movement. This class is perfect for those clients who are new to Pilates, or for those looking to"brush up on the basics." It is also appropriate for individuals who are recovering from mild injuries, pre & post natal or recovering from surgery and are looking for a safe way to workout.

Advanced Beginners Class

This class introduces the fundamental principles of the Pilates at a slightly faster pace and  with more repetitions than the beginners class to challenge strength and endurance. This class focuses on correct technique of exercises and ability to co-ordinate breathing, core engagement and movement. This class is perfect for those clients who have been working at the beginners level for a while and want more of a challenge, or for those with previous Pilates experience who haven’t done Pilates in a while and are looking to rebuild their strength.

Pilates Work Out

Core & Stretch Class

Feel the tension release from your body! This class focuses on myofascial (muscle and connective tissue) release and stretch using foam rollers - working on thoracic & cervical spine, mid back & rotator cuff, gluts & hips, hamstrings/calfs, quads & ITB. Foam rollers are also used to help improve spine and shoulder flexibility, alignment and posture and to challenge the core muscles by providing an unstable base to lay on. Foam rollers help you to become aware of any imbalances in your core and abdominal muscles and help assist you in working deeper into your core. After working on the roller, challenge your core and abdominal strength and spinal mobility on the mat.

With regular attendance, clients will experience improved posture, co-ordination & balance and increased core strength, flexibility and endurance.

Women Stretching

Mixed Levels Class

This class focuses on strength, precision, endurance, and flow of movement. In this small class setting Jo will present the exercises at multiple levels which allows clients to choose to work at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced pace (this is to help ensure that each individual is working safely and at her/his appropriate level of challenge).  Clients will learn to be aware of breathing patterns and spinal alignment while engaging the deep muscles of the core. 

Intermediate Class

This class focuses on strength, precision, balance, endurance, stability and flow of movement with more challenging exercises (incorporating skills learnt from the mixed levels classes). Classes will flow at a moderate pace (with some stopping between exercises and explaining of set up if needed). In this small class setting Jo will present the exercises at a Basic intermediate, Intermediate or Advanced Intermediate level (this is to help ensure that each individual is working safely and at her/his appropriate level of challenge).

Child's Pose

Private 1-on-1 sessions and Private group classes

Private Pilates sessions are helpful for clients who need more supervision whilst practising Pilates (especially those with pain, injuries, pre/post natal or health conditions that need close monitoring).


Private sessions are also beneficial for clients who are currently attending classes and want to go over technique, work on weak or tight areas within their body, learn exercise modifications or want to get a home exercise program tailor made to be able to praciste Pilates effectively at home between classes.

If you have a group of friends and would like to have your own private group class, contact Jo below to arrange a time.


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